Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Laughing Hyenas

Ann Arbor's Laughing Hyenas were one of my favorite bands in the very early '90s (though they started up in '85, I arrived late).
Featuring John Brannon of Negative Approach (and and Larissa Strickland of L-seven), They were one of the few "ex-member-of-hardcore-band-makes-new-band" that did it right. Teaming up with future Mule members Kevin Munro and Jim Kimball, Laughing Hyenas played some great drug fueled noisy blues rock.
"You Can't Pray a Lie" and "Life of Crime" are really the "classic" albums for me, but their last record "Hard Times" was totally underrated. Maybe people lost some interest when they got a whole new rhythm section (ex-Necros members Todd Swalla and Kevin Reis), who knows? I saw them play a pretty lackluster set at the Jabberjaw this tour, but this last record still remains one of my favorites (and also their bluesiest and catchiest).
John sings for another good band called Easy Action but unfortunately Larissa died from a Xanex overdose a couple years ago.

Learning Is My Heroin!

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